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Hi there, thank you for stopping by ! Discover our collection of original Mala Necklaces and Yoga Jewelry. Gemstone Malas are not only beautiful adornments, they have the power to heal... Find here your perfect Mala Beads and feel the energy!

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Healing Stones For Increasing Fertility

Healing Stones For Increasing Fertility "What are the best crystals for fertility” is a question I’m frequently asked. It is obviously a very sensitive subject for the women involved. I like to help with sharing my knowledge on healing stones, giving a list of the stones that are said to support ... READ the POST

Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy

Regular yoga practice benefits the health of pregnant women. Prenatal yoga definitly helps mantain a healthy mind and body, but it also helps develop relaxation and breathing techniques for easier and comfortable labor. Yoga during pregnancy must focus on the practice of specific asanas that ... READ the POST

Living La Vida Yoga With Suchitra

Here is a new episode of "Living La Vida Yoga" featuring Suchitra Aksasithorn from Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you Suchitra for sharing your story here, it is always so inspiring to learn how you got into this amazing practice. Namaste. How did you get into Yoga? My yoga life ... READ the POST

The Secrets Of Meditation

Today, almost everyone is running behind the joys to avoid stress. Yes, due to the stressful life of today, almost every person is suffering from stress and is looking for measures to avoid stress. If you want to keep your mind calm from tension then do not worry because meditation is the best way ... READ the POST

Living La Vida Yoga With Eira Scheper

I'm very glad to bring you a new episode of "Living La Vida Yoga" featuring Eira Scheper. She is a radiant yogini from Barcelona. I'm so glad to introduce her, so you get to know her better and the amazing work she does : How did you get into Yoga? I found out about yoga through ... READ the POST

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