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To My Mala Necklace

You will find here simple, natural and beautiful Mala Necklaces. Also known as Mala Beads, they represent your deepest desires. Our exclusive Mala designs are more than just beautiful adornments. They are powerful and symbolic tools for meditation or intentional living. Keep them close to your heart. Learn More...

New On The Blog

“Living La Vida Yoga” with Gwen Tricoit

Over the past years, i had the pleasure to connect with beautiful yoga practitioners all around the world, most of them on Instagram. It is amazing and inspiring to learn how they integrate yoga and mindfulness into their life so I decided to create a serie of posts "Living La Vida Yoga" to share ... READ the POST

What Are The Best Healing Stones For Confidence

Sometimes, it is hard to stand up for ourselves in decision making, facing changes or meeting new challenges. A lack of confidence, self esteem and self-power can affect negatively our love life, our friendships, our career and our self-worth. How to face moments or situations that bring us down ... READ the POST

The Power Of Color When Choosing Your Stones

Why are colors so powerful and how do they influence our choice of mala beads ? Mala beads at “My Mala Necklace” are beautiful natural gemstones. Gemstones are alive entities and have specific healing properties. They can bring you love, self-esteem, luck, abundance, vitality and much more.. For ... READ the POST

What is the meaning of the Chakra Colors and how it works?

Chakras are centers located inside our bodies in which energy flows through. Having blockages in our chakras can often lead to illness. That is why it is important to know the function of each of our chakras to ensure an optimal health. When your chakras are aligned, balanced and cleansed, you feel ... READ the POST

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