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A Mala with power but simple in its composition and use

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Limited edition pieces and handcrafted with care

My Mala

My Mala



To My Mala Necklace

You will find here simple, natural and beautiful Mala Necklaces. Also known as Mala Beads, they represent your deepest desires. Our exclusive Mala designs are more than just beautiful adornments. They are powerful and symbolic tools for meditation or intentional living. Keep them close to your heart. Learn More...

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What is a Mantra? And Inspiring Mantras to discover

For sure, you have heard about Mantras as they became popular now, with the increasing amount of people practicing yoga or meditation… But do you know what a Mantra exactly is? A mantra is a word or a combination of words that is said to help concentration during meditation. Practitioners use ... READ the POST

Yoga for Teenagers

Yoga is very important to live a healthy life. It keeps all the organs of the body healthy. Yoga also keeps our mind healthy and stable. This is the reason why people practice yoga in most countries of the world. Yoga is not only for adults, it is also for teenagers and children. Yoga is considered ... READ the POST

Best crystals for protection during travel

There are some crystals and gemstones that are particularly recommended to carry on with you if you go on a trip. Crystals can be your perfect companion during these amazing moments of sweet discoveries, new places and new people that give so much learnings. It is the best time to get perspective, a ... READ the POST

Why You Should Practice Yoga Regularly

Yoga originates from Sanskrit word 'Yuj' (YUJ). It means connecting, connecting or uniting. It is a union of personal consciousness with universal consciousness. Yoga is a practice that works at eight levels of development in the field of mental, physical, spiritual and social health. As long as ... READ the POST

Living La Vida Yoga With María Errehache

I'm so thrilled to bring you a new episode of "Living La Vida Yoga". Today, I have the great pleasure to introduce you to María Errehache. She is a life lover, a spiritual collagist, art director and dream explorer from Barcelona. She is so amazing and inspiring. I am so grateful that she agreed to ... READ the POST

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