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All the designs you see on “My Mala Necklace” are handmade by myself using the best materials in order to meet the highest standards of quality.

Gemstones, Seeds, Threads and Tassels are selected carefully to meet your higher expectations. Indeed, they are beautiful and natural materials that need special care.

Here are some advices to ensure your Mala Beads last long time:

*Please AVOID WATER: avoid contact with liquids, chemicals and perfume. Do not wear your Mala Beads during swimming, hot yoga sessions, sauna room, bathing or showering. Contact with water will damage seriously the thread and makes it easy to break.

*Do NOT OVERSTRETCH your Mala and AVOID HANGING: avoid overstretch your Mala Beads and also avoid hanging, as it will damage the natural thread over time. The safest place to keep your mala is inside the soft bag provided or inside a jewelry box.

*TASSEL CARE: the tassel can show some lost in its shape over time, one easy tip is to wet it slightly with water and let dry naturally (hang on the wall for a better result). Also, you can cut the ends with sharp scissors, making it look like new.


Mala beads are said to absorb and store energy, indeed it is recommended that you cleanse your mala beads from time to time to clear them from negative energy.
Here are a few ways:
— Placing your Mala in the sunlight or moonlight.
— Placing it in a singing bowl, it produces a cleansing sound and vibration.
— Burning sage over your Mala.          


So your Mala is broken….
When a Mala breaks, it is said that you’ve outgrown the intention associated with that piece. It is like a broken “karmic circle”, and you don’t need that Mala anymore…
 It’s an amazing opportunity to take time for reflection and transition.

In healthy practice of letting go, it is suggested to release the intention associated with that Mala and consider choosing to follow a new path …What do you seek in this new step of your life? What are you manifesting? What are your new dreams and goals?

Ask yourself these questions and consider bringing new intentions into your life.

If you consider that you still haven’t experienced a breakthrough, it is perfectly fine. Feel free to contact me to have your Mala restrung, and continue on your journey. You’ll know when the time is right for releasing and moving on.   

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