My name is Laure and I’m a french girl living in Madrid, Spain. “My Mala Necklace”   project started in 2014 together with my yoga practice.

I started using mala beads for meditation practice and fell in love with their beauty, healing and powerful energy.

I started producing my own malas and enjoyed so much creating and wearing them. I received many compliments from my friends and people asked me where i purchased them.

Yoga and meditation taught me to be patient, follow my heart, and not to try to control the future. My practice made me feel good while searching for casual and natural lifestyle.

Malas are a set of beads traditionally used for prayer and meditation, often called prayer beads. Does it mean you have to be religious to wear a mala necklace? Of course not !! our malas can be worn by anyone : yogis, surfers, fashionistas, singers, dancers, moms, dads, teens…seeking for a peaceful mind, spirit and body.

All these things have now taken me in this wonderful new direction which is now called “My Mala Necklace!” .

I try to create beautiful piece of jewerly, using gemstones for their healing properties, and mixing colors to get a beautiful look and feel. Please visit my shop, i hope you will find your own mala necklace, which you will connect immediatly with…